Brian Deady album artwork

Brian Deady is a Cork musician who asked me to do the artwork for his album Yellow Creek.

The album was recorded in Memphis and it's a great combination of blues and rock. Brian wanted me to capture the feeling of the old American West to match the album's vibe. He gave me a photograph of a painting that encapsulated his vision of the album artwork. The piece is the 19. century painting by Thomas Hill — Indian by a lake in a majestic California landscape. We decided to use that painting as a front cover for the record. For the rest of the artwork, I used pressed flowers as the main motif to present the herbarium feeling and combine them with old book pages to bring that vintage feel to life.

Brian was extremely happy with the finished product saying that I caught the old wild west feeling perfectly and when you take the record into your hands, it feels like telling a great story. I continued to work with Brian on his other projects.