Suntan Soap artwork

Wild Organic Skin Care company approached me to make a custom design label for their new summer product.

They asked me to make a label illustration inspired by sun, beach and summer for suntan soap. The initial brief was pretty straightforward, with some general style examples they wanted me to follow.

I started my process by gathering more inspiration around the web and magazines. After I gathered the inspiration pieces I needed, I hand drawn some initial sketches

I transferred them to Illustrator and Photoshop and started working on them by tracing the initial sketches. After I had a solid black and white sketch I tried different colour mapping to see which one made a good combination. When the 3 sketches were finished I sent them back to the client to get feedback on them. Here you can see the first draft work with and without typography.

They loved all 3 sketches but decided to go with the hand-drawn version. They wanted some changes, like moving the surfers out of the picture and adding umbrella and beach chairs. After applying the feedback I got, I edited the typography to match the vibe and theme of the label. In the last phase of the project, we made some minor edits like changing the colour of the umbrella and changing the text. They were extremely happy with the end product and I can say I was proud of all the work done. Here's their testimony: