Hello there!

My name is Petra and

I design and

illustrate (most of

the time).

I live on the west coast of Ireland, in the magical town called Galway, however, I spent most of my living in Croatia.

My love for design and illustration was born when I discovered a world of alternative movie posters in my early twenties. I started to read all about and collect these precious pieces of design, but I was never brave enough at that moment to study design.

In the first year of my studies, I focused on learning design theory and the basics of software. After some time, I started freelancing to get my first client experience and studied illustration on the side.

With the non-stop attempt to combine illustration with design, from flat illustrations to hand-drawn pieces, my design and illustration style shaped. Nature and movies are still my biggest inspiration, and I often combine them with bold colours, because life would be boring without them. I love doing packaging design, branding, illustration and of course, posters.

I worked as a graphic designer intern in Crete, Greece where I learned a lot about branding and signage, how to be a part of a creative project with a multicultural team from start to finish along with having the opportunity to manufacture products for clients.

When not designing and illustrating, I pet dogs, play video games and longboard.